Friday, January 9, 2009

Governor Announces New Program to Help Save Homeowners From Foreclosure

Governor Jon Corzine officially announced a program at helping the many homeowners facing foreclosure. According to the estimates as many as 60,000 New Jersey homeowners could lose their homes to foreclosure this year. The Governor together with the Attorney General's Office aim to help those in need. Lawyers, including myself, have been trained to become mediators in order to help homeowners negotiate with mortgage companies and hopefully keep their homes. Armed with credit counsellors, attorney's hired by legal services and a new group of trained mediators, homeowners maybe able to renegotiate interest rates, payment plans and maybe even reduce the principal owed. I encourage others in our profession to dedicate some of their time to helping our neighbors avoid foreclosure, and receive some excellent training as well. By contacting the AOC and serving as volunteer mediators, attorneys can get some excellent training and information and also go back to what initially made us become lawyers: HELPING OTHERS.

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